Saturday, February 18, 2012

Flower on my finger!

Here is how I made this beautiful floral finger ring. All the supplies and tools are avaliable on our website, just drop me a mail! :)
Tools and supplies you would need: A pair of nose pliers and wire cutters, about 6-8inch of 20 guage wire, about 6-8 inches of 24-26 guage wire, a floral embelishment and a ring measuring tool, I've used a board marker here.

Rotate and clip the 20 guage wire around the board marker about three times.

Bend the ends inside using your round nose plier.

Repeat the same on the other side.

Take the 24 guage wire and make a L shaped hook. We will use this to tie the circles we just made together, so that our ring is closed.

Here is how the ring looked after I've wrapped the wire around it.

Slip the flower on the wire and wrap the remaining wire about 2 times on the ring.

Twirl the remaining wire into a spiral so that it just shows above / below our flower.

And here is the ring. Hope you've enjoyed the tutorial. Any questions, any suggestions, please feel free to comment below.

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