Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bling Earrings

Went shopping yesterday to find these amazing little crystals. Couldnt help but take a whole lot of them. A quick tutorial on making earrings using these. You can find all supplies and more crafts on the website -

Tools you would need: A pair of nose pliers, wire cutters, crystals, earring hoops, 26 guage wire.

Start with wrapping the wire around the base of the hoop about two times.

Add a crystal like so, and wrap the wire around the hoop. Make sure they are all tight and snug. :)

Arrange the crystals with their holes facing sidewards and continue the process of beading till you reach the end.

At the end, wrap the wire around the hoop about twice and cut it. With you round nose pliers, push the edges inwards.

And your done! You have an earring. ^.^

This is how mine turned out to be.

And this is how they looked! Am going to go and show them to my husband. Ask him to take me shoppin again! Meanwhile if you've enjoyed this tutorial, please leave a comment below.

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You can find all supplies and more crafts on the website -

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  1. Hey Jaya this is adorable !! I never knew jewellery making is so easy !! Thanks for sharing