Monday, March 19, 2012

Gel Candle Making Workshop with Sheetal ~ 18-Mar-2012

Candles!! Amazing little things.. aren't they. And that is what we made at the workshop. And they turned out to be awesome. Check out the pictures!
Here are the lovely pieces. 
Hold on, will show you how we made them!
started with empty glasses and some goodies..
and with lots of enthu! :)
and with some gel ofcourse!
and then we weaved some magic.. and made these!

and all of these!
and thats - the happy us!
And here is what the girls had to say:

"The class was very inetresting and infomrative. Sheetal gave us many ideas on making candles, not only gel candles, but also Paraffin wax ones. Thanks Sheetal!" - Narmada

"It was a basic candle making session, but with that basic session I learnt to make many awesome designs. My candle turned out to be very beautiful. Thanks Sheetal" - Sharanya

If you would like to attend this workshop, please go to and register for any event. We would conduct the event as soon as there are 5 members asking for it.

Also, check out all the other interesting workshops we have for you. :)
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  1. Wow Jaya, you are doing a wonderful job !! All the best

    1. Thanks Swathi. :)
      How are you doing these days??

  2. hey Jaya, I passed the Liebster Blog Award to you. Thank you for being a constant source of inspiration for me

  3. I would love to attend this next time.